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Updated at: May 12, 2017

TOP 10 reasons
to study IT in Estonia

If you're still not convinced about studying IT in Estonia, then not to worry. StudyITin.ee created a list of the top 10 reasons just for you. 

1. Highly developed courses

The programmes of study are developed together with organizations from the same field. This provides Estonia's universities with a unique curriculum, which is based on the current needs of the field. This also means that the universities are aware of all the changes happening in the IT sector. Good examples of this include being the first to provide cyber security courses in Europe, which works with the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence by having guest lecturers from there and having a well-established programme. On top of this, you will receive an internationally recognized EU degree from the universities.

2. Great methods of study

Each IT course has a very practical approach. Estonian universities want to make sure that you put your coursework into practice. It is also very important that software and hardware studies are connected in one curriculum, instead of just focusing on one. In addition, Estonian universities make students work with their professors a lot and provide several opportunities to get practical experience or placements during their studies.

3. You'll be living in an IT environment

At the moment, Estonia has set the development of IT as one of its priorities. The difference with bigger countries is the fact, that any changes and updates will be enforced quickly. Some examples of that include:
  • Estonia is the first country in the world to open its e-services and offer e-Residency.
  • Estonian's can vote, view their grades and homework and check medical records online and give digital signatures.
  • Estonia is one of the founding members of the Digital 5, a network of leading digital governments that also includes the UK, New Zealand, Israel and South Korea.

4. It is easy to bring your innovative ideas to life

Do you have any great business ideas? Starting your own IT based business is made really easy in Estonia, from universities offering it as a part of their programmes to different workshops happening all around Estonia and "startup houses". One of the most famous ones being Garage48. Because this process is made really easy and accessible for everyone in Estonia, it has more startups per head than any other country in Europe.

5. Several work and placement opportunities for graduates

With the amount of IT based companies in Estonia, there are a lot of job or placement opportunities for it graduates. Because most of these companies are international, knowing Estonian is not always a requirement and international students have an equal opportunity of finding a job or placement here and further developing their career. In most cases companies help students with renewing their visa and and offer support with any other legal issues. An EU member can find a job and stay in Estonia without any problems but non-EU members are given 6 months after their

studies have ended to find a job and extend their visa.

6. Low cost or free of charge studies

Estonian universities have set the same prices for all students - local and international. A big part of the courses to choose from have no tuition fee if you study with a full time load for both bachelor's and master's degree. Otherwise, the prices vary from different courses, but they are rarely over 3000 euros.

7. Scholarship opportunities

In addition to having low or completely free of charge tuition fees, it is also possible to apply for several scholarships to support your studies. The best part is that it is available for all students - EU and non-EU and not just the locals. These amounts vary from around 50 up to a few hundred euros a month.

8. Universities have international connections

Estonian universities have a lot of international co-operation with other universities around the world and also with other types of faculties and organizations such as for example Silicon Valley. In addition, a big number of the lecturers and professors are from abroad.

9. Connect with other IT students from around the world

Year by year the amount of international student applicants grows and mostly it's for courses being connected with IT and software. If you come to study in Estonia, you can meet people from around the world and get a lot of useful connections.

10. Have an active student life during your studies

All Estonian universities offer a wide variety of possibilities for students to have an active student life with different student organizations, societies and also really good parties. There are also special events created just for international students. It is really easy to get involved and to use this opportunity to get good connections and experience.