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Updated at: Apr 13, 2018

supporting academic success

Study IT in Estonia Programme is managed by the Information Technology Foundation for Education (HITSA), funded by the Estonian state, and supported by Skype. The non-profit foundation seeks to nurture technology talent and supports IT-related educational activities to advance that goal.

Though students are expected to cover their tuition and living costs through other sources, our scholarship fund makes some financial aid available to the brightest students. In combination with university-specific tuition waivers and other aid, our scholarships can make your Estonian experience quite a bit smoother. So you can focus on your studies without worry.

To be considered for the scholarship, you should be a current full-time student in good standing at the Tallinn University of Technology or the University of Tartu. Master’s programs eligible for Study IT in Estonia Programme scholarships include:

Determined each semester, the Study IT in Estonia speciality scholarship is €160 - 300 per month for Master’s students. You can apply at your university (after enrollment).

Are there strings attached?

Some, yes. Once you’ve been awarded the Study IT in Estonia scholarship, you must mention it in any articles or talks that relate to your studies. Not a bad deal, when you think about it.
Remaining eligible for scholarship renewals takes a bit more work. If you’re a Master’s student, you’re expected to:

  • have completed at least 30 ECTS credits per semester, averaged over all previous semesters in the program;
  • have not obtained a final grade of “F” or “missed exam” in any course in the program; and
  • have obtained a cumulative weighted average GPA above 3.5 (counting all results).

Other than that, easy peasy.

Please find detailed requirements at your university.

While this page focuses on the Study IT in Estonia scholarship, we thought you’d like a few pointers to aid that may be available from other sources as well. Because we’re such nice people.

Tuition Waivers

Tallinn University of Technology and the University of Tartu have waived tuition fees at some Master’s programs. To be considered for the waiver, you should be a full-time student in good standing and earn at least 45 ECTS credits each academic year.
Currently, the waiver includes these English-language Master’s programs: Cyber Security, Communicative Electronics, Computer and Systems Engineering, e-Governance Technologies and Services Software Engineering. Please see the Tallinn Tech and University of Tartu websites for details.

Other financial aid

Additional financial aid may be available through other programs. As you weigh your options, the Study in Estonia website has a handy scholarship page for people just like you. Tallinn Tech lists a number of scholarships offered by companies and other donors. The University of Tartu, too, has a good overview of various scholarship resources.