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Updated at: Nov 05, 2020

Work in Estonia:
block-rockin' careers

“There is no security in life, only opportunity," a certain Mr. Twain observed. And opportunity starts here. Right now. 

There is a demand for ICT specialists in Estonia. As most of the ICT companies are international, knowing Estonian is not always a requirement. Find out more why to work in Estonia and what to keep in mind when applying for a position, visit Work in Estonia webpage and get practical advice and tips, and stay tuned for available job offers.

Join a startup or plot your own

You’ll have plenty of inspiring company. Fellow-student brainiacs, for starters. Also, a short walk from Tallinn Tech, you’ll find Tehnopol, a business hub that’s home to 200 tech firms and 30 startups in various stages of incubation in Startup Incubator.

Downtown, there’s the Garage48 HUB, a community-led (and very international) coworking space with services to help you raise your game. The hub is an offshoot of G48’s initial claim to fame: 48-hour weekend hackathons for programmers, designers and others with an itch to scratch.

The startup scene is hardly limited to these two addresses. Both Tallinn and Tartu are buzzing. In Tartu we have Estonia's own Silicon (V)alley – Ülikooli Street. Tere are dozens of technology companies on Ülikooli Street, most of them still being classified as startups – fast growing and innovative small companies which have the ambition to take over the world. Smart money is available to founders. And scores of Estonian startups that have set up shop in London or the Valley are hiring.

Estonian government has initiated Startup Estonia program, which seeks to supercharge Estonian-bred startups possessing the potential to take on the world. Startup Estonia expects that by 2020 the number of startups will grow three times bigger. Come and join our vibrant startup community, our Estonian Mafia family.

Still, there are just a few thousand engineers in the Estonian IT sector - the thirst for brains is unquenchable. Join someone else’s dream or build your own. From Skype to TransferWise, Estonia punches above its weight. So get in, buckle down, start up and hang on. It’ll be the ride of your life!

For job offers, keep your eye on the requitment portals, largest and best-known of them being CV Keskus and CV-Online. For short term startup jobs, check out jobbatical

Others have walked this path before you

Paperwork isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time. But it’s just paperwork. Good things await. Just ask X from Skype and Y from SEB Bank. After earning their Ö degree from Z, both decided to stay in Estonia and start their careers here. Happy days!